Your income is a need to pay from someone.

When you share the payment needs to various entities,
you can verify that your needs,
can be offset against your income.
Because your income is a need to pay from someone.

They may form a ring that unites the various needs of other users. The need for traditional payment may decrease.
They are offset in the cycle of transactions created when your income is also present in this ring.
(You) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (Someone)
(Someone) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (The other one) …
(The other one) – [NEED TO PAY] -> (You)

So when we all share our payment needs,
all our shared income increases!

This project focuses on
shared income  (or income shared )
as a pillar for this new economy that is already here!
And hope for a better future!


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