Income shared how it’s work?

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You Submit a value that you need to pay to Someone by entering {USER ID ; Value} ( USER ID of the entity who need to pay – They Must Be Register to in  ; Value to pay ) and you can add a description of the asset that is attached to the submission. Example a product or a service, even can be hours of work from someone, the Doc.nº, etc .

Working as income exchange process, that can be, as you receive need to Pay submission from someone – “Income to you” – you can used to pay anyone of a circle of exchange. Not only between two, but must more entities.


2º You verify incoming Submission and if you agreed then you accept. It is in this time that the relation of need of payment is created and is formed a Simple Transition:
An email msg is send for the two entities present in the relation created. Like this:


Subject : INCOME SHARED – Accepted submission ID:da82c45b-e5e6-4022-ac93-8ca7cba1488f

Your submission to USER ID : 999999992, Value 35


3º Then the Service include in the real time GraphPays process that is always trying to form a Complex Transaction of a Cycle TØ – Cycle Transaction. Union of Simple Transition.

(Someone)-[:NEEDS_TO_PAY]->(Other Someone)

(Other Someone)-[:NEEDS_TO_PAY]->(You)

An email msg is send for the all entities present in the Cycle Transaction created. Like this:


Subject : INCOME SHARED – Cycle ID:ea49a8b6-5cbd-470b-b1ee-129b9c5c093c

INCOME SHARED – Cycle Transaction , Value 30
From ID :54187f7a-af20-4c39-a62e-6054cbb4693a
To ID :da82c45b-e5e6-4022-ac93-8ca7cba1488f

It should be noted that, each entity receives only the GUIDs of the simple transactions that are intervening for example as a customer and as a supplier.